Like most things in life, moderation is the key

The point we’re wanting to make refers to processed meat, which more recently has been getting a bad press. However, if you read between the lines there is a codicil, which says that in moderation, processed meat is okay for you. The same applies to alcohol, fatty food, going out in the sun without sunblock and a host of other things in life that we are being frightened half to death over.It is very difficult these days to come across anything that doesn’t have a health warning on it. Admittedly some of the warnings, such as those on tobacco products, are wholly legitimate, but there seems to be a tremendous element of scaremongering going on these days. If we want to take this to extremes, water should have a government health warning on it because if you drink too much, you can suffer from what is called water intoxication, or water poisoning, which can cause a potentially fatal disturbance in brain function due to the effects of over hydration on the bodies electrolytes, and this can lead to death. If you Google “what do you call death from drinking too much water?”, that is what you will discover. Ask the same question of the man in the street and they will probably call it drowning!

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