Metal fabrication in our daily lives

Metal fabrication is everywhere and although you probably don’t even realise it, metal fabrication is absolutely crucial to how we live our lives today.

The world would be a very different place without metal fabrication and it is used in everything from the factory assembly lines which makes the products we rely on, through to the instruments used in operating theatres and computer network servers.

The history of metal fabrication is a very long one; it fact it dates back to some of the earliest recorded history and was used by ancient societies including the Romans, Egyptians and Greeks. With this in mind, it could be said that metal fabrication has literally shaped the world as we know it.

Historians have discovered that there is a direct correlation between the success of a civilisation and the point at which they discovered that metal ore – whether tin or iron – could be moulded, forged and fabricated to make tools, weapons or simple machinery.  As civilisation developed, the number of uses for metals rose dramatically, culminating in the Industrial Revolution during the 17th and 18th centuries.

Despite the fact that metal fabrications  now incorporate highly advanced machinery controlled by computers – think of robotic lasers and cutting tools, for example – it’s true to say that metal fabricators still take raw materials and transform them into something new and useful, exactly as our ancestors did.

Metal fabrications are everywhere and can be found in the car you drive, your kitchen sink or the beautifully designed metal ceiling in a brand-new railway station.  Metal fabrications are also used in ingenious ways and a great example of this is the innovative metal fabrications which were used to help contain the oil spills across the Gulf of Mexico back in 2010.

Although the way metal is fabricated has changed beyond all recognition and items that once took hours to make are now manufactured in seconds, the history of metal fabrication is very long and has undeniably shaped our lives and how we live them.

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