What are the advantages of steel frame buildings?

Although steel frame construction isn’t something you hear about very often, it’s becoming increasingly popular method of building industrial and commercial buildings. With this in mind, we thought we’d take the opportunity to talk about the advantages of steel frame building.

Speed and flexibility

First and foremost are speed and flexibility.  Steel framework fabrication ensures that a structure can be built incredibly quickly, especially in builds where the components are pre-fabricated off-site, partly assembled and ready for use. Unlike concrete structures, steel frame buildings can be used immediately because they don’t need any time to set.  In addition, steel frames are incredibly adaptable and can be quickly and easily updated, extended or modernised, ensuring that steel frame buildings are future proofed.

A cost effective solution

Using steel to construct a building means a shorter build time which, in turn, equals a less expensive project.  Using steel rather than concrete will deliver impressive time savings, whilst ensuring the highest standards of quality are met.  Another saving can be made in terms of waste management.  The amount of waste is minimised because the steel frame is constructed in accordance with specific details and measurements; the components can then be pre-fabricated and delivered to the site, reducing on-site storage costs.

One of the biggest costs of a building project is in in building foundations but when a steel frame is used, the foundations are cheaper to build because the steel structure does not put as much weight and force upon the foundations.  This means that smaller, and therefore cheaper, foundations can be used.

Safety and durability

There’s no question that steel is incredibly durable and will remain rust free, resistant to extreme weather and will not shrink. Steel framed buildings are manufactured with unparalleled precision to ensure that the highest standards of quality are maintained.  In addition, because off-site fabrication is used, this reduced the amount of work which needs to carry out at heights, reducing the chance of accidents on the building site.


Last and by no means least is sustainability.  Economic benefits aside, using steel frame buildings can bring social and environmental benefits too.  Steel can lasts an incredibly long time and it can also be re-used several times without compromising its properties.

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